Texans go crazy and kill a man in broad daylight

Ford Taurus

Picture this. You have a car with two people, (the car shown above). It’s driving home from work. And then it accidentally bumps into a 2 year old child – alright, maybe not the best move in the world. But the driver stops the car and gets out along with the man in the passenger seat, to see if the child is alright and everything. Suddenly, a group of 20 people attack the driver and kill the passenger out of rage.

Now what the hell happened to calling the cops? And what about this ‘court of law’ that’s supposed to take care of it all. No, instead society has the right to determine and carry out the punishment. Better for the two men had they continued driving, instead of stopping out of concern.

When bumping into a toddler incites 20 nearby people to murder the passenger in the car, (not the actual driver) then I have to wonder what kind of stressful lives these people are leading. Maybe they all had a bad day at work.

Also sad that the websites cannot get their facts straight; this story describes the kid as a two year old boy, whilst this one makes him out to be a three or four year old girl.

– Nishant

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