Barbaric people burn the word ‘snitch’ into a woman’s face

A 38 year old woman in Arizona has had the word ‘snitch’ burnt into her face. Why? Because she helped the police with a domestic violence case. The brand is four to six inches long, and stretches across her cheek from her lip to her earlobe.

Now come on folks. This is the damn 21st century, we don’t go around burning words into people’s faces. Freud might say that these people were punished in kindergarten for calling names.

Apparently they never grew out of the name-calling, just took it to a whole new level. Cruel acts like this don’t give the mid-western US states a good name. ‘White trash’ indeed, as this blog says.

Another thing that bugs me is that this isn’t even ‘snitching’. The way I read it in this news article, the woman was simply co-operating with the police in an ongoing domestic violence case. And yet, some people such as this blogger are implying that the woman is to blame because she snitched. I’m sorry, but if the police asked me for my help in a domestic violence case, I’d feel bound by law to help them. And I wouldn’t expect to have words burnt into my cheeks either.

What a world.

– Nishant


One Response to “Barbaric people burn the word ‘snitch’ into a woman’s face”

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    […] with burning down a house In late 2006, a SWAT team, (again in Arizona – maybe this is why that woman had ’snitch’ burnt into her face) tracked a suspect for a home invasion case to the wrong house; of-course, they didn’t know […]

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