Destructive SWAT team gets away with burning down a house

In late 2006, a SWAT team, (again in Arizona – maybe this is why that woman had ‘snitch’ burnt into her face) tracked a suspect for a home invasion case to the wrong house; of-course, they didn’t know that it was the wrong house at the time. Precisely 47 seconds after announcing themselves outside the house they threw a ‘diversionary canister’ into the house, where 73 year old Salvador Celaya lives with his wife and a few other relatives. Their son heard the noise and went to wake them up, whilst their grandson fled the house.

Unfortunately for the couple and their house, the ‘diversionary canister’ landed on a mattress, set fire to it, and proceeded to burn down the house.

What’s worse is that internal affairs investigators have cleared the SWAT team in question of ‘wrongdoing’.

What kind of policy is this where police teams set fire to buildings 47 seconds after announcing their presence? Certainly not a civilised one. Maybe this Arizonian police force has been taking lessons from the ‘pre-emptive defense’ doctrine of America’s present – I shudder to think of what else this could result in.

Oh, and the evidence that led them there? The daughter of the senior couple had lent her car to a woman who then lent it to the suspect that the police team was after. Sounds like something I’d see on a soap opera; ‘my brother’s wife’s mother’s cousin…’.

– Nishant


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