25 year old gets back together with his ex, I give relationship advice

Prince William and Kate Middleton got back together after splitting up. Notice how this post probably became a lot more interesting when I said ‘Prince William’. It would seem dull if you just saw the title, wouldn’t it?

Ironically, at the time of posting, the top result for the google search “prince william kate middleton” is still about them breaking up.

Well, my intention in writing this wasn’t just to show that I’m not ignorant of celebrity actions. I’d actually like to offer Prince Williams some advice. Ahem.

If you broke up with Kate, there was probably something wrong in the relationship. Unless you’re sure that you’ve fixed it, you shouldn’t expect too much from this relationship. Basically, make sure you’ve fixed whatever the problem was.

Oh, I almost forgot a picture. Here’s a photo of them before they split up.

– Nishant (the relationship doctor)


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