Mobile phones are potential haven for viruses, Spanish police arrest creator of one such virus

Security worries over viruses that could target mobile phones are growing. The number of people using mobile phones is growing daily as is the complexity of these phones. Case in point: the iPhone, with its increasing popularity and own optimised version of Mac OS X. And I’m not sure if anti-virus programs for phones exist, but I sure haven’t noticed a cellulised version of Norton Anti-Virus, or Kerio Personal Firewall – well, they might actually exist. It stands to reason that such popular platforms will attract viruses. (I wonder if more people have mobiles than computers or vice versa?).

It’s no coincidence then that Spain has for the very first time arrested a person who made viruses targeted at mobile phones. This 28 year old man is suspected to have created a virus that has allegedly hit more than 115,000 phones. Spanish police say that this virus has caused millions of euros in damage to mobile phones and mobile phone networks.

It seems that viruses have learnt a new disguise in their move to cell phones. This virus took the familiar forms of erotic messages and sports information, but also disguised itself as anti-virus software; an interesting tactic. It spread through Bluetooth.

Let’s hope that I don’t have to burden my already-slow cellphone with virus protection software now.

– Nishant


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