Duo line up for iPhone – four days early; iPhone 2 rumors; iPhone survival tips

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, all attention on the iPhone.

First of all, as Aaron Wright reveals, two people have begun camping outside a New York store to make sure they get their hands on the iPhone when it comes out on Friday. With four days of waiting ahead, they are prepared with soft drinks, coolers of food, and chairs. Let’s hope they also have a portable lavatory.

Kanak Bhandari thinks that it could be a stunt to get a free iPhone; the duo probably didn’t plan it like that, but it could end up happening. To gundampilotspaz, however, this early queue serves as a deterrent to going near that Apple Store; “”I don’t think being anywhere near that Apple Store would be an enjoyable experience.”

Picture taken from the above blog post. This is Greg, the first guy in the queue. Here’s a video link.

And now, according to this article the iPhone could be succeeded by January 2008, when Apple might unveil the iPhone 2. GPS, better WiFi service, and the ability to synchronise with email servers may be included. Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange that Apple is working on the successor for a product yet to be released?

Although, the iPhone 2 may not render the iPhone obsolete. Apple products seem to last for a while, even with frequent hardware updates. Case in point: I know people who are still getting by with PowerBooks, despite the MacBook Pro having been released.

Finally, this blog post at Tech.Blorge.com has given out five survival tips to help you get through the iPhone launch day. Although a few are actually more like alternatives to buying an iPhone, (the final tip says “Don’t buy one”), they might be worth checking out.

– Nishant


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