More iPhone! Easy activation and 3 service plans.

Yep, more on the iPhone. It seems that Apple and AT&T have been making joint announcements regarding the upcoming gadget, cementing the closeness of their partnership over the product. In this post I bring you two announcements by the companies.

First of all, Apple and AT&T have announced that iPhone users will be able to activate the iPhone using iTunes at home, instead of having to wait in the retail stores.

Apparently iTunes will guide the user through choosing their service plan. Using iTunes, users will also be able to synchronise their songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts, contacts, and other stuff in the same way as with their iPods. This blog post says that the activation will work for both new and existing AT&T customers, and that users will be able to replace phones on their AT&T account with their new shiny iPhone.

“Syncing their new iPhone with iTunes works the same way [as syncing the iPod with iTunes]”, Steve Jobs – Apple CEO – said.

Smart idea, using an interface that many users – considering the popularity of iPods – are familiar with to help jumpstart a new product – not that it needs jumpstarting. Wonder who came up with this, Apple or AT&T?

As Will says, the iTunes activation feature will be a boon to many users, who don’t have to spend ages in the store waiting for retail employees to activate their phones. A small but noticeable change.

The second announcement brings details of iPhone service plans. Three plans have been announced, and all include unlimited Email/Web data, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, and 200 texts – more texts can be added to the plans. Here’s a table of all three plans.

If you already have an AT&T plan, you can add a plan that only includes the visual voicemail and web data transfer for $20 a month.

Living in Tanzania, the cost of using mobile phones here goes to a completely different scale than it does in the US, so I’m not sure whether these are pricey plans or not. But Cheynne commented that they’re cheaper than he expected.

Well, that’s more iPhone news being rolled out in the days before the launch.

Oh, and I had a laugh at AT&T declaring Friday to be ‘iDay’, and using other “i” jokes.

– Nishant


3 Responses to “More iPhone! Easy activation and 3 service plans.”

  1. Will Says:

    Hi Nishant!

    The plans are indeed much cheaper than we had anticipated – especially with the rate plans combining unlimited data (which is an expensive a la carte feature) with the voice plan for only $60!

    I’m getting mine on Friday!

  2. nish81 Says:

    Good luck with it! To me in Tanzania, the plan seems extremely damn cheap. Not sure if this is expensive or not, but the pre-paid plan here, (which everyone uses) charger about 30 cents per minute for mobile-mobile, 6 cents per sms, and around 0.3 shillings per kilobyte of data transfer. ‘Unlimited’ is a word that I have yet to come across.

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