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Hares disrupt activity at Italian airport

June 22, 2007

Brown Hare

These furry animals have been playing havoc with the radar systems at an Italian airport, as well as disrupting takeoffs and landings. Reports say that about 200 volunteers assisted in rounding up around 57 hares at Linate airport, (and four wild rabbits) in Milan. The humanitarian effort refrained from physically harming the cute creatures, and instead blew whistles and waved arms frantically, causing the hares to run into waiting nets – a video of the roundup is available here. Although I have to commend the volunteers on their respect for wildlife, I also have to wonder how much time this took – Megan says that there were only delays of three hours, and I have to share her surprise. After the hares were caught, they were safely transferred to a wildlife preserve.

Nicoletta Angioni, spokeswoman for the company that runs Milan’s airports, said “There are always hares at the airport, the problem is that lately there were too many” – apparently the hares have been mating like, well, rabbits.

The problem of animals on airports doesn’t seem to be exclusively Italian – Val gives numerous other examples of this in other airports throughout the world. Maybe the animals are attempting to control air traffic in a bid to reduce global warming?

– Nishant