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UN court drags feet over Charles Taylor’s trial

June 26, 2007

This is Charles Taylor, ex-president of Liberia. ‘Hi Charles!’

Charles is a war criminal. He was indicted on the 3rd of March 2003 on 654 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, (since amended to 650 counts). The UN doesn’t seem to be in any real hurry to convict him, considering he was only flown to Hague for the trial on June 20th 2006.

Even when the trial did start, Charles continued to be a pain in the a**. On the first day of his trial, (June 4th 2007 – almost a year after he arrived) Charles decided – since he seems to have the power to decide – not to attend his trial. Instead, he sent a letter with his lawyers complaining about not being able to receive an impartial trial. Well, committing 650 war crimes does tend to reduce your chances of an impartial trial.

Evidently the UN doesn’t agree with me. After failing to attend his trial for the second time, the presiding judge chided the court administrators, for not dealing with the defense issue. This time the ‘issue’ is Charles Taylor complaining over the size of his defense team, and then proceeding to fire his lead lawyer.

Doesn’t the UN recognise delaying tactics?

– Nishant

North Korea doesn’t receive the $25 million promised to them on time

June 23, 2007

Just a quick post here, about biased headlines. See, there are quite a few headlines that shout out to the world how North Korea has denied entry to the IAEA inspectors that were supposed to, well, inspect North Korea. RTT News, Wikinews, Aljazeera – all these headline how North Korea hasn’t allowed the IAEA in.

None of these headlines mention how Russia is still in possession of the $25 million that North Korea was supposed to receive. In fact, wasn’t that one of the conditions of the IAEA’s visit? That North Korea would continue the February agreement after receiving the frozen money, something like that?

Well, that’s why I decided to post this up with a headling about the cash, instead of about the IAEA. After all, who cares about a bunch of inspectors anyways – it’s all about the money.

– Nishant

North Korea gets 25 million bucks, and a meeting with US envoy

June 21, 2007

So, the US released the $25,000,000 that it had frozen on charges of ‘money-laundering’ and ‘counterfeiting’, (read: political disagreements) since 2005, and passed it back to North Korea. And, the USA sent Christopher Hill, nuclear envoy, to engage in talks with North Korea regarding its nuclear plan.

Christopher Hill:

Christopher Hill

Now what the hell is going on here? Has the USA suddenly decided that playing cold fish doesn’t work and sent a bigwig over to talk for the first time in 5 year – with a little cash incentive on the side? (As this blogger noted, the visit comes before six-party talks to be held next month). Or is Bush simply trying to distract attention from his obstinate vetoing of the Stem Cell Bill and try his luck with ‘fixing’ a country outside of the middle-east?

Of-course, North Korea could just as easily take the money, have a cup of coffee with Mr. Hill, and then test another missile in July. In fact – hey! They tested a missile just two days ago, on June 19th! (See the bottom of the article for what I’m talking about). Not wanting to draw attention to how their approach might not be working, the countries engaged in talks with North Korea have played down the last few test-launches as routine.

North Korea will probably want to tread a fine line here so that they can keep the money, continue their nuclear program, and avoid attracting ‘regime-change’, (although there’s always Iran to distract the Powers-That-Be). Let’s hope that Kim John-il, (who reportedly buys $700,000 worth of Hennessey cognac per year) is up to the diplomatic challenge.

Then again, he could just give up the nuclear program.

– Nishant